Ok Bit Hour ICO Review! Scam or NOT?

Ok Bit Hour ICO is another investment program that promises large sums of profits to those who invest a certain amount  of capital so they can invest from it. According to the okbithour.com site, everything will be done automatically and the only requirement is to just wait for a determine of time and that’s it. Sounds pretty simple and like a good deal right?! Wrong! This Ok Bit Hour ICO is totally dangerous and will leave your pockets empty before you even know it. Some of you will be surprise to hear this but we’ve witness offers like these every single day. Those bogus scams claim the same unrealistic results and this money making scheme is no different!

Upon the first look at the Ok Bit Hour LTD website, nothing but the average intel was spotted. Usually, a trading platform that generates such outstanding results will have a more detailed and informational page, but there’s nothing that can indicate that this cryptocurrency initial coin offering can prove that they’re well established. Traces of who and what company it behind it are completely unknown. Putting our hard earned money with Ok Bit Hour LTD having no knowledgeable or information is just risky and too dangerous. Other established cryptocurrency offerings that are well-known will usually be open to  who the owner/company is behind it. Nothing to hide since those services are legit but for some reason, this new okbithour.com scheme decide to keep everything secret from the trading community.

Ok Bit Hour ICO 1
Ok Bit Hour ICO

Wait, is Ok Bit Hour LTD ICO at least a legitimate Company?

Of course not,  somehow… this so called investing website is not registered anywhere! This indicates that the crooks behind okbithour.com are nothing else than regular clowns that were able to create a website and just start asking for money. In terms of how legal that is, it’s very illegal. You can easily get in big trouble with the authorities if you’re caught trading any crypto currencies or stock without a license. Ok Bit Hour ICO definitely wants to keep this information secret from you, that’s why no results can be discovered if you do a simple background check on them. Just think about it, would it be reasonable and smart to give them our money to individuals who have no license and have no trading history whatsoever? OK Bit Hour Initial Coin Offering can still have a slight chance of proving themselves but as we dived into more details on this shady service, more fraudulent details were put to light.

Ok Bit Hour ICO

Taking a close look at the okbithour.com results, we were shocked to see how plainly obvious their manipulate results were. Any naive investor that just decides to trust their instinct with their so called withdrawal payments would be easily fool! Seen such tempting cash been process to peoples banks will sure make anyone jump on the Ok Bit Hour ICO train right away! The sad truth is that such results are worthless, there are no real testimonials that support such pay-offs. The users whose name appear can’t confirm it themselves, no investor showed any traces of making any increase in their investment. So why would us believe such images if there’s nothing to back up such transactions. Ok Bit Hour LTD ICO most likely just wrote these themselves as like any other money making scheme out there! Trying to give any new cryptocurrency initial coin offering a chance, but this garbage is just not on investors standards. Let’s just talk about the fact that this is also not endorse on any community out there, there is nothing special or worth glimpsing at Ok Bit Hour ICO when lots of more established and fully-functional services are out there.

Ok Bit Hour ICO

Ok Bit Hour ICO Scam wants your friends and family to lose their cash too!

The Pyrmid scheme is also implemented here! Apparently, you receive at set percentage of money every time you reefer this piece of junk to someone. This is pretty common in every bogus Crypto scam. Such method of inviting more poor innocent traders will accumulate their wealth even more! Before you even realize it, Ok Bit Hour ICO website will have everything you’ve earned frozen without hope of ever getting it back. The main focus of this and why trusting such relatively new company with such big red flags is unwise. It’s because there a tons of better alternatives that you can join for a fraction of what they’re asking. That’s not even it, you will discover services who are there to help you with any questions, withdrawing money is simple, earning profits is realistic and obtainable but this non-trusted okbithour.com scam, will not do that for you!

Final verdict and opinions on the Ok Bit Hour ICO Scam

Okbithour.com is absolute trash that needs to be left aside forever. No remarkable or special features were found on this cryptocurrency initial coin offering service. If you truly desire a program that will assist you in investing successfully with easy-to follow steps. Please take a look at our Top Trusted Services for more information! Ok Bit Hour ICO is a SCAM! Putting any sort of investment in this bogus-system will be throwing money down the drain. That’s why we advise to be extremely careful with these money making schemes.


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