Aerobit Scam Review! COMPLETE TRASH!

At the first arrival of the website, decided to do a quick analysis on what they’are all about. A lot of you might deeply think in your heart that this is the key to make a profitable income online. Just letting all of our visitors know, we are completely behind the idea of having a simple and effective income online but…. Aerobit will not perform like you are expecting to! Several scamming factors were found throughout the website that lead us to believe they’re up to no good! Jacob Wiltz might be fooling traders around the world but today, we’re gonna put a stop to it! Navigating the website itself, it was surprising of how “legitimate” they look with their professional looking homepage but a high abundance of key information is missing!

Why should investors trust in the Aerobit Scam!?

Aerobit Review Scam

Trying to research any real background history on this Aerobit app is nearly damn impossible. Us the viewers, are told that this is a legitimate service that is working efficiently all day long even though there are no trusted sources that can prove they’re actually delivering to trader’s expectation. Jacob Wiltz, the person behind the Aerobit system is a person we’ve never heard of before and during our background check, no signs of trading or ownership evidence can be found. Why are there no links between this crook and this fraudulent company? Because it’s most likely a made up name to make this non sense more believable. The Aerobit scam will say and do anything to make sure you trust them with your money! Would it be smart to invest in the Aerobit app where there’s little to no clues if it’s ran by real people. The only results so far that connect to this bogus crypto system were negative experiences left on forums and review channels. This might not appear like a big deal but it is.  The Aerobit scam is controlled by a person with no face, pictures or videos of him. If a tragedy were to happen to all the hard earned money you’ve invested. Who would you claim your money to? Jacob Wiltz!? That’s very funny because remember, this person doesn’t even exist!

Aerobit Review
Aerobit Review Scam

This Aerobit Review is literally just getting started! The crooks behind this trash also had a clever idea of showing of what appears to be a legalize document that proves they’re a real existing organization but this is a common fraud tactic. Countless money making schemes have copied docs like these from the internet just to do the same achievement, make visitors think such certification is real, but it’s not! In our Aerobit scam review video, our demonstration debunked on how easily such documents are copied from the internet. So that’s another strike that the Aerobit system receives, copying legalized papers!

The results!

Aerobit scam Review
Aerobit scam Review

Alright, you’re probably thinking to yourself that all the previous facts are irrelevant since the only thing that matters if it performs well. Sad to burst trader’s dream bubbles but Aerobit  is once again working on deceitful strategies! Scrolling down the main page of the website, a list of withdrawals and deposits are displayed with the amount of the transaction. Normally, someone would be impressed that such deals are been put to action. This is the disappointing surprise, the Aerobit System decided not to provide a real way to verify such  trading results. It is literally all text and numbers with no link to prove that such settlements were made. Without such evidence, all this so-called results and transactions are unreal! Any scam artist can make such results with a little bit of editing tools. Why should new visitors trust such images if the’re not backed up by any real evidence!!

That’s not all, App endorses the “referral program” in which members try to make other innocent victims to invest in their pathetic scheme to get bonuses or commissions. This is quite typical since ponze schemes usually try to accumulate as much investors before they’re shut down!

In depth analysis of how Aerobit functions!

Aerobit Review
Aerobit Review Scam

Aerobit is confusing since their explanation wasn’t very informative or helpful. According to Jacob Wiltz, it’s functioning on regular cryptocurrency trading and arbitrage systems. That’s as far as the explanation goes on how generates your money. To believe they have the audacity to not provide more information demonstrates how much they really care about their associates and naive investors. Just stop to think for a second! If a family member or close friend were to ask you how such rich and easy system works, you honestly think such answer is sufficient? Of course not, the most likely scenario is that no real algorithms are implemented in the Aerobit app. Legitimate and functional trading systems focuses on giving their traders a fully developed system with real strategies that do work. shows to be nothing special or unique, if you think there is no other opportunity like this on the internet. You’re very wrong! There are hundreds of services launching everyday like the Aerobit scam, the characteristics that this trash demonstrates are the same qualities all this low performing frauds have. Therefore Aerobit is highly dangerous to give them a single dollar since their goal is to deceive and provide false information!

Verdict on the Aerobit Review


To sum up all of our thoughts on the website, Jacob Wiltz and the liars behind this misleading offer have nothing special to put on the table. That is why we can’t truly recommend this to any of our subscribers and loyal visitors. Aerobit is a scam! Unless they truly want to show the world they’re an honest company, they can contact us at anytime they like! If you wish to proceed with a trading system that is trusted and reliable by countless trading communities in the Industry. Take a quick look at our list of consistent and fully-working crypto apps anytime you like! Please take care of yourselves from these convincing/scam offers and have a good day! and will continue to expose all scams in this industry!

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